When out-of-the-ordinary is our everyday.

When most people visit an attraction or cultural site, it’s an out-of-the-ordinary very special day that doesn’t happen too often. For us at Antenna, it’s our everyday. And we know just how lucky we are to be able to say it. Sometimes, it’s the realization that you’re walking down a grand staircases in a palace to climbing to the top of a belfry. Other times, its knowing that our museum partners are passionate about sharing a story and knowing that we are the ones who are helping you and your visitors.

It’s most appropriate that MuseumWeek concludes with #LoveMW. We love visiting our client sites and prospect sites, meeting with the staff that make these institutions run, and seeing the visitors make new discoveries.

When our CEO visits a site, he often sends out a tweet about something he saw:

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The magic “Love” moment can be seeing a work in person for the first time. A staff favorite, time and time again, is the Chagall ceiling at the Opéra Garnier. The bright colors across the 2,600 feet of canvas remain one of the building’s greatest attractions after 50 years.
At a recent visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Marla Shoemaker, Senior Curator of Education and Public Programs, explained how important it is to create visitor experiences that are more generous, more compelling, and more connected to visitors.  “Really great audio,” she said, “tells stories that connect people with the objects they are seeing.  Audio stories can have a much greater emotional impact than text alone.” Joshua Helmer, Assistant Director for Interpretation, continued, “For us, audio is key to a well-balanced experience…The presence, voice, and personality of a storyteller possess an almost unparalleled power to connect people to ideas, feelings, and things. The simple truth is there is no single mass museum audience, but rather a mass of multiple niche audiences and audio/multimedia can really be leveraged to satisfy their diverse interests/needs.”

Joshua and Marla, quoted above.

Joshua and Marla, quoted above.

For every client, prospect and visitor we interact with, our goal is to work together.  And we #LoveMW it!

*This post is the final part of our series for #Museumweek, specifically #LoveMW.

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