5 key things from Antenna LAB Amsterdam


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Photo Credit - Chris Bicourt

Friday 26th September saw the first Antenna LAB session in Amsterdam. Held at the stunning Castrum Peregrini, the inaugural event saw a series of speakers discussing the potential iBeacons / Low Energy Bluetooth could have in the culture and heritage sector.

The five things we found most pertinent on Friday can be found below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and if you agree or not!

(With thanks to Dario Cannizzaro, Remco Bron and Daniele Dalledonne)

  1. People will always dream of and want the live experience. Apple only enter a market when they believe they can give the user a platform which will truly enhance their experience of the world around them. (Dario Cannizzaro @weissblut82)
  2. iBeacon’s are far more than just push notifications and their potential lies in information and experience. First establish the relationship with your customer/visitor – it has to be a mutually beneficial, empowering the user and enhancing their experience. If these conditions are met then rather than being turned off, users will become brand advocates (@remcobron)
  3. When implementing a project, the biggest challenge isn’t the technology but the experience – how do you make people aware of what’s around them? The ultimate aim should be to allow visitors to continue to interact with each other and be seamlessly informed rather than be distracted by the technology. (Danielle Dalledonne @ExMucom)
  4. Content is king, but experience is queen. When creating an experience that makes technology disappear, and allows for optimal user friendliness, museums should consider designing for a closed system as opposed to an open one. (@Antenna_LAB)
  5. BLE / iBeacons have huge potential for the culture and heritage sector – but as with everything it’s about how they’re used, the content they’re used to communicate and the seamlessness with which they do. Ultimately, they could change both how customers interact physically with a space, and the content they consume whilst there. (@Antenna_LAB)

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