5 things from…REMIX London


By Josh Greenberg

Earlier this week, the Antenna LAB London team had a fantastic couple of days at REMIX. Now in it's 3rd year, the conference brings together leading cultural, technological, and entrepreneurial minds, for a fascinating and fast paced two days. The following are 5 key points we took away from the the back-to-back sessions with organisations as diverse as the British Museum, TimeOut, Virgin Unite, BBC1 Xtra, Makerversity, and more.

"People don't want more choice they want better things" Terence Teh, from video curation site Nowness, talked to the audience about the importance of the curation of content. One audience member asked if the business model will shift from paying for content, to paying for curation. It's an interesting concept, and one that doesn't seem too far afield. 

"We need to do a lot more on Children's terms" Ian Livingstone CBE,  the founder of GamesWorkshop and Life President of Eidos Interactive, delivered a fascinating keynote about the importance of play and gaming in every aspect of life, but most importantly it's role in education. Ian made the case for every school child to be taught computer programming, and how important it is to encourage children to create.

"If you give people what you think they want then you end up underestimating their intelligence" Alex Poots from the Manchester International Festival talked about how important it is to surprise and delight visitors, and not to assume that we know what they want.

"This mobile culture panel is proper mental!" Tweeted during Mobile Culture panel, led by Jessica Taylor, VP Experience Design and GM, Antenna Lab and featuring Jane Burton, Creative Director, Tate Media; Julian MacCrea, Founder Portal Entertainment; Neil Bruce, Head of Mobile UK, Mindshare and Jess Butcher, CMO, Blippar.  This session featured out-of-hours robots, paintings re-imagined as Minecraft worlds, talking statues, storytelling informed by changes in audience facial expressions and the mobile as a magic lens giving you access to a whole world of interactive experiences. Proper mental….

“You can’t own creativity, you can steal creativity, spark it, shake it up, but you cannot own it” one of the most profound statements came from Nicholas Winding Refn (director of Drive) via Andy Taylor from BBC 1Xtra. Building on the idea of remixing culture, and that artists don't mind what you do with their work, as long as it's incredible, Andy took us through Zane Lowe's re-scoring of Drive, and the amazing response it got from both the public and from the artists involved.

Antenna LAB sponsored REMIX, and will be continuing to do so throughout 2015. As part of that sponsorship we held 'Follow the speaker' sessions, allowing members of the audience to interact with speakers and ask more questions, in a relaxed, conversation-led atmosphere. We'll be featuring videos of these sessions of the next few weeks, so check back for more info.

- author