About Us

Every day we speak with people like you about your goals and challenges to increase revenue and add visitors in a competitive market. They tell us that finding a strategic approach to overcoming this can be difficult. That’s why we started Antenna LAB.

LAB exists to help you deal with the problems you may be facing as a business, or in delivering on your mission, from understanding and adopting new technology; to giving your visitors what they really want; and identifying and working towards a shared goal.

Drawing on Antenna International’s 20 years of experience in the museum sector, and a unique group of highly talented and motivated people who all love museums and attractions, LAB defines itself with its openness and flexibility. What sets us apart from other organisations is that we’re not out to sell you a product, but to find the best outcome for everyone involved.

Our Team

Giles Pooley
Experience Designer

My enduring cultural memory: FAUST in Wapping, by PUNCHDRUNK theatre in October 2006
I'm excited about: wearable technology and invisible interfaces as aids to artistic interpretation.

Josh Greencroft
Head of Strategy

My enduring cultural memory: visiting the Royal Academy's POP ART exhibition with my father, and being amazed at what art could be
I'm excited about: the impact digital can have not just on the business of culture, but on the whole way we experience it

Fiona Houston
Content Designer, UK and Ireland

Enduring cultural memory: Seeing the Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre for the first time.
I'm excited about: Audio! Oral histories, personal accounts, interviews - all amazing resources that I would love us to use more and find different ways to play with them.

Michelle Penn

My enduring cultural memory: Sitting on the wooden bench inside Christopher Wren's 'Great Model' for St Paul's Cathedral. It transported me to the 1670s.
I'm excited about: Aha! moments. Art. Museums. Ruins. History. New ideas. Technology. Narrative. Language. Asking, 'What if…?'

James Morgan
Senior Interactive Designer

My enduring cultural memory: Going to see an exhibition on Vermeer at the Royal Academy. The sheer beauty of his work was breathtaking to me.
I'm excited about: The future! Creating beautiful yet functional apps. Using new technologies to unlock collections.

Sarah Brockett
Senior Content Designer/Producer, Americas

My enduring cultural memory: Backpacking through Europe for three months and seeing every possible kind of cultural site. Also unearthing an Anglo-Saxon skeleton...that's about as hands-on as learning gets.
I'm excited about: Using technology to bring the past to life and to help people understand and connect with places in a new way.