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Museums and the Web 2014: Seeing Through Layers

Wouldn’t it be amazing to touch an object and reveal a hidden world of color? Your hand glides along a surface, and virtual swirls erupt like fireworks—as if you have the hands of a wizard. Well, the folks at Disney Research are toying with this idea.

Antenna's Senior Content Designer, Sarah Brockett, was one of several Antenna attendees to Museums and the Web 2014. A few weeks on and many of us have been reflecting on the themes and ideas. Here Sarah writes about a singular ...

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Five Things: Antenna Lab at MWC 2014

By Giles Pooley   Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress is by far the most important annual event in the technology and telecommunications sector, and takes in everything from data mining to online security, device manufacturing and even start-up business funding. This year Antenna Lab ...

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