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What Are Your Visitors Really Telling You?

by Mandy Smith   This week marks the 42nd Annual Museum Computer Network Conference.  Of the four panels Antenna is proud to be participating in, I’m particularly interested in What Are Your Visitors Really Telling You? Data Analytics and What to Do with ...

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An evening of crime – and other stories

Frank Rose Serial Storytelling

What’s the best way to describe an evening spent making cardboard cutouts, dreaming up crime scenarios, looking back at the evolution of serial storytelling and spilling beer over perfect strangers – for free?? It’s part of an experiment led by Lance ...

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Being Inspired: Yvonne Rainer

By Christine Murray   I’ve watched, studied, performed, debated and written about this particular dance - ‘Trio A’ by Yvonne Rainer – many times over the years. I find it endlessly fascinating. Here’s why: It’s fearless. It’s deceptively simple. It overthrows everything that came before.   Watch ...

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Being Inspired

Photo Courtesy of Sofie Andersen

  It’s a cliché that there is never enough time to stop and look around, to see or hear what’s right there in front of you, to move (or be moved) out of your comfort zone and to experience the world ...

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“Not for them, but with them” – Thoughts from AAM 2014

It's been a busy conference season over the last few months ---and we're still reflecting on many of the ideas. This year’s American Alliance of Museums (AAM) conference in Seattle was as always the juggernaut of museum conferences,  drawing the ...

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Museums and the Mouse

Walt Disney World

By Blaire Moskowitz Museums and the Web 2014 was full of interesting presentations but one really stuck in my head: Seeing the Forest and the Trees: How Engagement Analytics can Help Museums Connect to Audiences at Scale.  As I sat there listening to ...

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Five Things: Antenna Lab at MWC 2014

By Giles Pooley   Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress is by far the most important annual event in the technology and telecommunications sector, and takes in everything from data mining to online security, device manufacturing and even start-up business funding. This year Antenna Lab ...

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