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6 key points from the Antenna Lab breakfast session with Charlotte Sexton

Museums have to reconsider where they are going in the digital world but are struggling to articulate how...

- Charlotte Sexton

This morning we had Charlotte Sexton, current president of the Museums Computer Network, give a talk about the role of digital strategy in the culture sector as part of the inaugural Antenna Lab breakfast sessions. Below are the six key points ...

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Exploratorium - Tubes

5 Ideas to chew on from San Francisco’s Exploratorium   by Christine Murray and Frances Homan Jue Recently we paid a call on an old friend who cut his sound-designing teeth at Antenna.  David Torgersen is now an Audio/Sound Developer at the Exploratorium, ...

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Get your content ready to go anywhere, because it’s going to go everywhere.

This Will Be The Web, Brad Frost

By Sam Billington As creative producers – museums, along with the media industry – we face this problem every day; we know content is king and we have a mass of it we want to get out there. We know that ...

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