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Five things about Talking Statues

Talking Statues

Here at Antenna Lab, we’re really proud to have developed the tech aspect of Talking Statues, which launched in London and Manchester in the UK yesterday - here's an article with a bit more about the tech.  These are five ...

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The Revolution Will Be Personalized

By Miranda Smith Where is the smart device taking us these days?  One of the main directions is toward an ever-more personalized mobile experience. Millions play games daily that have self-directed stories, and now cultural sites all over the world are ...

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Will 2014 be the year to crack indoor navigation in museums?

By Marielle van Tilburg Indoor positioning is the holy grail of many museum technology aspirations - once the domain of stores and malls, to help pinpoint the location of their customers within 4 to 5 feet,  the technology is of course ...

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The Mona Lisa of Semantic Tagging

 By Hélène Lesage Cultural institutions have been taking exciting steps towards making online experiences not just for their own institutions, but linking them to the wider network of data and information. A new European experiment called JocondeLab – organized by the French ...

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“Not for them, but with them” – Thoughts from AAM 2014

It's been a busy conference season over the last few months ---and we're still reflecting on many of the ideas. This year’s American Alliance of Museums (AAM) conference in Seattle was as always the juggernaut of museum conferences,  drawing the ...

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