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Museums and the Web: About Access

Live captioning during MW2014's MOCAtv session

  Annie Leist is an artist and Project Coordinator with Art Beyond Sight in New York, NY   Championing Accessibility I’ve attended, and presented at, several conferences in my role as a cultural accessibility consultant; focusing on how technology intertwines with and enhances experiences ...

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Museums and the Web 2014: Seeing Through Layers

Wouldn’t it be amazing to touch an object and reveal a hidden world of color? Your hand glides along a surface, and virtual swirls erupt like fireworks—as if you have the hands of a wizard. Well, the folks at Disney Research are toying with this idea.

Antenna's Senior Content Designer, Sarah Brockett, was one of several Antenna attendees to Museums and the Web 2014. A few weeks on and many of us have been reflecting on the themes and ideas. Here Sarah writes about a singular ...

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Museums and the Mouse

Walt Disney World

By Blaire Moskowitz Museums and the Web 2014 was full of interesting presentations but one really stuck in my head: Seeing the Forest and the Trees: How Engagement Analytics can Help Museums Connect to Audiences at Scale.  As I sat there listening to ...

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Antenna Lab Talks: On NFC


When it comes to triggering content, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) seems the way forward. We can all envision a future where the majority of museum visitors will enjoy beacon-triggered content on their own smartphone. However, BTLE is just one of many ...

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Exploratorium - Tubes

5 Ideas to chew on from San Francisco’s Exploratorium   by Christine Murray and Frances Homan Jue Recently we paid a call on an old friend who cut his sound-designing teeth at Antenna.  David Torgersen is now an Audio/Sound Developer at the Exploratorium, ...

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Get your content ready to go anywhere, because it’s going to go everywhere.

This Will Be The Web, Brad Frost

By Sam Billington As creative producers – museums, along with the media industry – we face this problem every day; we know content is king and we have a mass of it we want to get out there. We know that ...

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