If you had a toolkit of ways to make your institution more relevant, would your visitors have a more enjoyable experience?

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Join us at Museums and the Web 2016, for a workshop that teaches you how to place the “users” at the center of the museum visit, in a new kind of experience that meets their individual needs and exceeds their expectations.  In turn, you’ll be increasing the museum’s relevancy, improving revenues and building audiences - a real win-win situation.

What’s going to happen?

  • Facilitators introduce a range of tangible ideas that make experiences user-centric
  • Working with small teams, engage in various practice exercises guided by a facilitator
  • Present your findings to the larger group, enabling learning from each other


What do you get

  • Practical skills to gain a clear understanding of what makes a museum user centric
  • Tangible ideas to take back to your colleagues and stakeholders
  • Materials/workbook to create user profiles and set you on a plan of action

Sounds good, right?

You can learn more and register here.

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