Being Inspired

Photo Courtesy of Sofie Andersen


It’s a cliché that there is never enough time to stop and look around, to see or hear what’s right there in front of you, to move (or be moved) out of your comfort zone and to experience the world around you. So it shouldn’t be surprising that when that does happen - especially in your own city and with your own colleagues – the results are significant. To quote one of our own, Christine Murray, it can be like ‘breathing from an oxygen tank’.

Taking some dedicated time out this past week to do just that, our US Digital Media team has been reflecting on our practice, learning some new skills and taking in new and old experiences around New York City. We workshopped new methodologies and have been challenging ourselves to adopt new ideas. Not quite the Silicon Valley Executive retreat (or Burning Man revolution), we’re none-the-less starting this month with fresh fuel for the busy fall season ahead.

As always, we’ll be sharing some of our thinking on the blog, including some of what’s inspiring us in our daily lives and of course, in the worlds of culture and technology. Here’s a start;

  1. The Tenement Museum ShopLife– One of 8 guided tours at the museum, this tour combines a well researched and engagingly delivered live-guided tour with a one-room immersive tech experience (via Potion). Without too much effort on our part we were brought into the museum’s physical and narrative history, retaining significant facts and the visceral sensations of a 100-year period in the building’s history. It got us talking about creating stories within stories, and weaving together tech and analogue experiences.
  2. The Met’s App – the museum’s new app is an elegant, simple planning tool. This might just be the beginning of a movement towards the ‘less is more’ approach that we’ve been discussing at Antenna for some time. We’re excited to see our colleagues at the museum experiment with this new platform as it crosses over into the onsite visitor experience.
  3. The Whitney Museum - Speaking of crossovers, we took in the final stretch of the Koons Retrospective as the Whitney prepares to wrap up their uptown museum life, before metamorphosizing downtown. So much to celebrate – exhibition programming, core collection, video work, multimedia app and audio, as well as guided tours…and wall texts. Yes, wall texts. We may be into audio and all things media’, but so often that’s because the texts in museum just aren’t inspiring. It’s a good reminder that well written content transcends the medium – so, it might not be a headline grabbing museum activity but writing that delivers digestible, intelligent and thought-provoking ideas should be a celebrated component of any visitor engagement strategy.

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