3 things from #museumnext: Day 1


By Josh Greenberg

The Antenna LAB team are in Newcastle this week at the fantastic Museum Next conference. Below are our key takeaways from day 1.

Data, data, everywhere

Data has been a big topic so far this week. Including the (perhaps shocking?) assertion that a museum's data is probably more valuable than their collection. An interesting theme that will continue to provide a point of discussion for a while longer. Adam Clark had a fresh angle on this and we'll post more about this soon.

Museum's aren't truly digital.

According to Koven J Smith anyway (@5easypieces). Koven asserts that museums need to be authentically digital to ensure they're relevant in the future. Koven writes about this here.

Digital is more than a job title

Digital shouldn't be restricted to a Chief Digital Officer, Chief Blogger or similar - just as everyone needs to know how to use a word processor, so they should understand what Twitter is, how Facebook works, and why digital is important for the future of museums (see above!).

Keep an eye out for our review of day two!


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