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Game Theory: What Makes Play Effective?

By Sarah Brockett Bam! You just captured the wizard and stole all of his powers. Thwack! That ball rolling through the maze—the one that represents your life as a Sicilian immigrant in tenement-era New York—just fell through the cholera hole. Game ...

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Making Virtual Reality, a Reality


While attending Internet Week New York 2015 last month, I took in the prescient panel entitled “Virtual Reality: The New Hub for Storytelling”.  The participants, Mike Woods Executive Creative Director and Head of VR Studio at Framestore, David Payne Chief Digital Officer ...

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Gute Künstler….Good Artists…

  Eva Wesemann, Antenna's Creative Director Germany, reflects on the „Rijksstudio“, the subject of recent discussions at MAI-Tagung (Museums and the Internet, Dortmund 11.-12.5.15). The German original is followed by an English translation.  Gute Künstler kopieren – Große Künstler klauen! Pablo Picasso Auf der Rückreise von der diesjährigen ...

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Take 5: Opening up the museum – towards personalization


One of our great modern conundrums, and not just in museums is; Are we using technology for the sake of it? And how can we make sure it benefits our overall experience, rather than detracts? How can it open new ...

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7 things : ‘Scoping it

periscope screen shot

By Blaire Moskowitz A couple of weeks ago, across museum-industry digital media and marketing departments, lots of us uttered the same words. “We could Periscope or Meerkat this!” It happened at the Blanton and National Gallery of Scotland and it’s fun to see ...

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Family Fun

Time to have some fun - it's #familyMW day for #museumweek! Family tours are not only really fun to work on but can sometimes be more popular than the standard, adult offering. Here content designer, Fiona Houston, tells us about what went ...

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