Picture your MuseumSelfie


It’s January 20th - and, what else? It’s #MuseumSelfie day! Actually it’s the second #MuseumSelfie day and a marker that this 2014 phenomenon is now not only firmly in our lexicon, it’s part of our daily lives in museums, as much as it is in our online lives. It’s become firmly entrenched in our museum-going rituals, a documentary tool, an archive even, and a fantastic way to have fun.

So what’s to celebrate? As it turns out -  a lot.



As a field, we seem to have figured out that despite the negative media attention (hapless tourists wielding selfie sticks and the on-going debate over whether to ban them), selfies are now part of how visitors enjoy a playful experience at the museum, and they are infact a good thing. It’s a great time to collectively say how great they are and that in fact, they can be fun!

The attention to #selfies and #MuseumSelfies also got us thinking - could we create a #selfie moment to make the art museum your own and bring you a touch closer to the museum’s collection? Something instant and spontaneous that gets you looking a little more at what you’re ‘selfie-ing’ with?

In honor of #MuseumSelfie Day, we’re launching our Art Selfie! We’ve partnered with Milwaukee Art Museum to create the #ArtSelfie, part of the Kohl’s Art Generation App for kids.

You can try it for free here - just download the app, have a play and share! Sorry, we should warn you in advance - it's highly addictive and there is a chance you'll get sucked in. It’s a simple idea - pick a work of art (from the museums miniatures collection), take your picture and voila, you’re a work of art!


We’ve had a lot of fun making it, testing it (more on that and the rest of the app to come on the blog soon) and we’re excited to see how everyone uses it. Have a go and tweet us your picture to @Antenna_Lab @AntennaIntl with the hashtags #MuseumSelfie and #Artselfie. And we can't wait to see all the creative #MuseumSelfies today - we're keeping an eye out on some great museum competitions for the best!


- author