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Picture your MuseumSelfie


It’s January 20th - and, what else? It’s #MuseumSelfie day! Actually it’s the second #MuseumSelfie day and a marker that this 2014 phenomenon is now not only firmly in our lexicon, it’s part of our daily lives in museums, as much ...

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Game Theory: What Makes Play Effective?

By Sarah Brockett Bam! You just captured the wizard and stole all of his powers. Thwack! That ball rolling through the maze—the one that represents your life as a Sicilian immigrant in tenement-era New York—just fell through the cholera hole. Game ...

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Exploratorium - Tubes

5 Ideas to chew on from San Francisco’s Exploratorium   by Christine Murray and Frances Homan Jue Recently we paid a call on an old friend who cut his sound-designing teeth at Antenna.  David Torgersen is now an Audio/Sound Developer at the Exploratorium, ...

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