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Fellow Travelers @ #MCN2015

By Sofie Andersen   Coming away from #MCN2015 is like leaving 'museum camp'. It’s an astonishing, curious community of creative technologists – questioning, sharing, re-thinking what we do. The best thing about it is the people, of course, but also the ideas ...

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Universal Design: Nuts and Bolts

There’s a lot of talk about Universal Design these days, including in our own experience design teams. Just this month the Cooper Hewitt Museum has reopened it's doors with Beautiful Users, an exhibition looking at human centered design, and the always ...

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Museums and the Web: About Access

Live captioning during MW2014's MOCAtv session

  Annie Leist is an artist and Project Coordinator with Art Beyond Sight in New York, NY   Championing Accessibility I’ve attended, and presented at, several conferences in my role as a cultural accessibility consultant; focusing on how technology intertwines with and enhances experiences ...

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