Music is the life of the audiophiles and allows them to have a refreshed mind and allowing you to have the convenience. Having boosted music can allow you to have much-unlimited dose of fun.

Here we are providing you information regarding setting your 2 speakers into 1 channel. You can continue reading the article for profound details and perceiver the concept optimally.

Connecting two speakers in a series convenient or not?

Before we get started with the guide for multiple speakers to one channel, it is essential for you to understand that impedance is the real thing that carries a significant role in the sound quality. So you need to have a check over the impedance of the speakers.


How to connect?

When practicing to connect two speakers together, you need to check for the ohms of the speakers as it should be the same for the convenience.

If pondering why then the leading reason behind it the safety as connecting speakers with different ohms can put an adverse effect on the amplifier and power source as well. However, if they are different, then you can practice connecting the wires in a series.

Check the impedance of the amplifier if that is having greater ohms than 8, as it is best to connect the speakers in series. Most of the speaker’s function well in the 6 to 12 ohms and allows you to have the finest quality of the sound.

Steps to connect

  • all the cables run back to the amplifier location, so set up it conveniently.
  • Simply connect the speakers one by one and be cautious that to connect two speakers to one input, you need to shut one-off.
  • Having long cables can be problematic so connect it optimally and split it to go to both speakers

In this way, you can easily connect 2 speakers to 1 channel and allowing you to have a better quality of sound.


When setting up two speakers into one output, then be considerate about the impedance of the amplifiers. Keeping a keen observation over these aspects allows you to have the convenience when listening to two speakers to one output.

In this article, we have taken a glance at how you can optimally connect the multiple speakers to one channel and have convenience for the listening experience.